• Forte Village Challenge Sardinia

    The only CHALLENGE where you compete in the World’s Leading Resort

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  • Forte Village Challenge Sardinia

    The only Challenge where you compete in a World’s Leading Resort


Live it Heart and Soul
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On the 28-29 October, Challenge Forte Village will offer you Triathlon lovers an unforgettable event: a unique opportunity to test your skills, challenge yourself, push your limits, knowing that the finish line will mark your entry in the great family of triathletes, in the world of both Challenge Family and Forte Village.

Event Guide

A full program of activities, experiences, moments of sport and fun for all participating athletes but also to share with families and friends

Travel & Sleep.

We know that to face a triathlon race there is a lot to think about, such as your training, travel, family needs, the equipment…that’s why we are here to help you

Race Book Challenge 2016.

To live the excitement of the next edition of Forte Village Triathlon, find out the details of the race and imagine yourself at the start line.

What are you waiting for?

Elite, novices and team race in a challenging and fascinating course among the cheering of many friends, volunteers and audience.

An agonistic experience that goes beyond the usual: unique and unforgettable also because of the beauty offered by Sardinia, an oasis of greenery, mountains and sea.

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