Quick tips for a better bike leg by Guilherme Campos

You’ve made it out of the water, cleared T1 and now you’re about to start the bike portion of your race. Remember you will be coming from quite a few minutes in the horizontal position and at this point your body is still “changing” to a vertical orientation again. Start easy on the bike as your body will need about 5-10 minutes to make the adjustment from swimmer to rider.

I would recommend you to divide your bike leg in small portions so it’s easier for you to track both your nutrition and your pacing.

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Oscar To triathlon! Let’s start in Rimini

The Italian Oscar of Triathlon- the Italian gala of triathlon- goes on tour, directly on some of the most prestigious Italian race tracks and turns into “Oscar to Triathlon”.

The long weekend in Rimini (Grand Prix, the Italian para Triathlon and the Challenre Rimini) will be the best location to launch the “Oscar to triathlon”.

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