Advice by Albert Moreno Collins

Today “Our column” is by Albert Moreno Collins. This is what he has to say…

My normal week is about 18 sessions of training:

  • 5 swim session with one speed session, 2 aerobic sesions,1 technical session and an other easy session (If the race it is near I do this with wet suit).
  • 5 run sessions with two aerobic sessions (like 2*5km with 1´recovery), a speed session, (like 2*4*1´speed), a long run (like 1h30/1h40) and the last one can be 90km bike- 15km run.
  • 5 bike sessions normally with 2 aerobic sessions (like 3*20´ half ironman pace), one with spins, another long session (4/5h) and the last session a easy one such as 2h at 110 heartrate.
  • 3 gym sessions

I have a normal diet, I tried to eat healthy because my body is what I eat. I try to be very efficient from this point of view….

Why have I chosen this race? I was searching a race in October, and when I saw that the Challenge Forte Village in such a beautiful island, I knew I could not miss it! Definitely it’s a beautiful place for doing a triathlon :=) .

It will be great, sure!