Triathlon, a great school. By Sara Tavecchio

The methodology of training varies depending on the type of race you decide to tackle during your triathlon season. On average it is made 3 weeks of work load of increasing volumes and a rest week, the latter very important for your muscle recovery and your mind.

The job “training” is subjective; therefore it is very important to evaluate the time available, the nutrition, the fatigue level, and the time for rest. Everything has also to be handled psychologically.

For me your diet should be treated without going overboard with the restrictions, otherwise too many sacrifices in the end result in a huge meal that counts more than 10 consecutive meals.
Before a race you should always eat according to your habits and in a moderate way being aware of how your body reacts under stress.
It is crucial to manage well your mental energies not to waste because of stress the energy that you should use during the race.
During the race it is essential to properly distribute the energies in the 3 fractions, and give all you have to the last one, the running!
The workout the week prior to the race is made of small training sessions and in theory always for what you can …. Rest, especially 2 days before and the day before do a small activation.
A good triathlete is ‘methodical and organized: it is important to treat well the organization of the transition area, checking the equipment and their positioning: running shoes, socks if necessary…Water in the bottle, cap to run if the sun shines, etc…and many other small attentions that I think every triathlete should learn over time and with the experience…
It’ s a very demanding sport and lots of fun, but everyone interprets it in their own way.

I think it is the experience that sometimes saves you, in a moment of physical weakness you know how to handle yourself because you have learned it, and in moments of mental weakness every athlete finds the strength to draw from the positive to face the rest of the race.

Triathlon is “ a marvelous school”, a way of knowing yourself deeper, it increases self-esteem, physical and mental strength, the will, and of course it is made of the fundamental components of fun and love…

My advice for a triathlete and a future triathlete? Willingness and love are the engine of life so everything is’ possible, you just have to really want it!