Some advice for the middle distance beginners, by Martina Dogana

I would like to give some advice to those triathletes who have decided to take part to their first middle distance at Challenge Forte Village of 26th October 2014.

First of all, I believe that the choice of date, so delayed compared to the Italian average season, is great because it allows you to accumulate the miles needed to tackle a race like that. In fact you can take advantage of the summer months and also the end of September and beginning of October, hoping for good weather and temperatures still good that often accompany the first few days of fall, for training in all three disciplines.

Even for me it will be the first time at Forte Village and honestly I can not wait to take part in this race that has all the prerequisites to become a “must” in the national calendar and also in the international market.

Here my hints and tips in the single fractions:

  • The swimming. I think you will be using the swimming suit, so I recommend you to try to swim with it (in order to get used to the different flotation and pressure especially on the shoulders and chest caused by neoprene. It is essential to try to swim in open water to learn how to navigate and take advantage of the currents and the waves, but you should never get into the sea or lake alone for security reasons.
  • The bike. I saw the corse elevation on the web site and, knowing enough Sardinia, I know it will be a pretty hard route and probably windy, so best to be prepared by choosing training in courses undulating with some uphills, it is always better to suffer a little b’more in training then during the racec!
  • The ride. It is often the decisive fraction in the medium and long triathlon, especially if you are not able to use well your energies in the previous fractions. My advice is to try to run, at least once a week, after having cycled. You do not need to do 20 km at a time, often only 5-6km to get used to all the muscles of the legs and the change of discipline.

I hope these few tips will be useful and if you want to find out more there’s my book, published a few weeks ago by Hoepli which is titled “Triathlon”!

See you all at Challenge Forte Village!

Martina Dogana