Some good advice by Eimear Mullan

My tips

Use hills in training for the bike and run. It’s gives you some specific strength work and it’s a great way to get a quality workout done when you have limited time.

Plan and practice your race day nutrition. Try not to change or try new things on race day as it can lead to problems especially when you get to the run.

Stay relaxed in the swim; Remember where you racked your bike in transition, many people waste time looking for their bike.

Settle in to a rhythm on the bike before drinking or eating. If it’s hot put an extra bottle of water/energy drink in your T2 bag. You can drink it there or carry it with you for the first few KS

Start the run at a pace you can maintain then aim to negative split the second half. If you start to struggle drink coke.

‘I am really looking forward to racing at Forte Village in Sardinia. I have never been to Sardinia before and racing there will be an excellent opportunity to explore the area’